Social responsibility

Based on the fact that we are a responsible company that is guided by the principle of legal business, that respects domestic legislation and international regulations to which BiH has committed itself, but also strives to follow international standards for the improvement of business in every segment, we are committed to respect and protection of human rights.

In doing so, we are guided by the current regulations in BiH and the provisions of the most important international documents in the field of respect and protection of human rights, primarily the General Declaration on Human Rights,

Declarations of the International Labor Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the United Nations.
We prove our social responsibility as a company by introducing the SA8000 standard.

With the introduction of SA 8000, we believe that it will provide continuous and reliable assurance that companies meet social performance expectations. We believe that we are improving our management systems to see and prevent social and business risks.

We implement the policy of respect and protection of human rights in our company, and we strive to spread it to our partners and suppliers by:

  1. We protect human rights by seeking to identify and prevent any negative impacts on human rights that our business may experience, by performing prior checks and preventive processes of compliance with human rights obligations.
  2. We are committed to involving stakeholders: clients, vulnerable groups, protection associations and other entities in the communities in which we operate in order to hear their voices and needs.
  3. We believe that the national, age, gender, racial and all other differences of our employees, partners and clients are the highest value, we strive to have an equal attitude towards everyone, without any discrimination.
  4. Qualifications, performance, knowledge, skills and experience are the basis for finding workers, their engagement, training, remuneration and advancement in our company.
  5. Our company does not tolerate abusive or inappropriate behavior, unfair treatment, retaliation or abuse of any kind both in the workplace and outside the workplace during all business-related activities. This applies to both employees and business partners.
  6. We respect the right of our employees to associate and form labor unions, but also to refuse to join them without fear of any reprisal.
  7. We are determined to establish a constructive continuous dialogue with legally formed trade unions and elected representatives and enter into negotiations, believing in a positive outcome.
  8. We strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment, respecting the regulations on occupational health, safety and health of employees and clients
  9. We are committed to preserving a working environment free of violence, abuse, threats and similar disturbing and threatening circumstances, respecting the privacy and dignity of employees
  10. We prohibit forced engagement and any form of forced labor and involvement in human trafficking.
  11. We respect the regulations and the minimum age for work engagement, not hiring people who are younger than 18 years old.
  12. We fully comply with the laws that determine the amount of wages, working hours, overtime and salary supplements.
  13. We have a communication system that maximally protects confidentiality for all reports from employees, partners and clients, and in relation to human rights violations in the spirit of this policy, as well as a competent person for receiving public and confidential complaints and acting on them: in the initiation of investigation, processing and fair resolution and taking appropriate corrective measures for all types of violations and possible compensation for the resulting damage.
  14. We pay special attention to individuals and groups who are particularly vulnerable in terms of work engagement and protection of rights, as well as issues that are particularly topical in Bosnia and Herzegovina: pregnant employees and women giving birth, people with disabilities, dangerous working conditions, overtime control, etc.


Velika Kladuša, 18.07.2021.

Nedžad Mezildžić