All purpose seasoning for a special taste and aroma.

Indulge in the richness of natural flavors and aromas and with the perfect combination of the highest quality vegetables and carefully selected spices offered by Kolmix as an all purpose seasoning, enrich your perfect meal.

Expanded range of KolMix sub-brand “Cooking assistant”

Special effort and continuous improvement to meet market demands have resulted in a wide range of products under the sub-brand “Cooking Aid,” to which we have added 20 spices in glass containers and 10 spices in pouches.

New products in our sales range

We are proud to present new products, in which the knowledge of our experts is woven. We are convinced that they will be just as successful as our other products and that they will make your meal more delicious.


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KolMix at the largest European food fair

From October 9 to 13, representatives of KolMix will present themselves at the largest European food fair, which is being held in the city of Cologne (Germany).

We present salad dressings

In the KolMix range, our customers can now also find salad dressings, which make carefully selected herbs with the addition of spices for the irresistible taste of your salad.

KolMix continues its work in the new production halls

From October 2020, KolMix continues its work in modern and newly built production halls. We are proud of our work and success so far, for which, among the first, our loyal customers are most deserving.

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