Cream of mushroom soup

The King of Mushrooms provides the royal rich flavor of this exquisite soup full of chunks of real boletus.
As its taste was even richer, the distinctive taste of mushrooms was highlighted by selected spices. Apart from being a soup, you can prepare the product as an addition to more complex dishes such as lasagna. It is suitable for vegetarian diets.

Packaging : Combi can with aluminum membrane and PVC lid 1000g

Instructions for preparation : Pour 65g of mushroom cream soup into 1l of cold water and mix well. Stir until the soup boils. Cook for another 7 minutes in a half-covered pan over low heat, stirring occasionally. 1000g of soup is enough for 62 servings.

Storage and shelf life : Use no later than 15 months from the date of packaging. Store at room temperature and protected from moisture.


Wheat flour, skimmed milk powder, starch (corn, potato), table salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), mashed potatoes, dried boletus 3%, lactose , onion, vegetable oil, aroma (contains milk and soy ), spices , yeast extract, citric acid, parsley.

Prosječna hranjiva vrijednost na 100g

Energetska vrijednost

1711 kJ / 409 kcal

-od toga zasićene

17,8 g
6,5 g

-od toga šećeri

52 g
16 g


10,4 g


12,5 g

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